Bound And Gagged Costume Beauties
48 Minutes

  • Tied to a chair and tape gagged, beautiful blonde nurse Heather Harper struggles fervently against her bonds!
  • Black rope on a white wedding dress is not a good look for bound and gagged bride Holly Manning!
  • Can't get enough Lena Shelby? Then you'll love her as southern-style twins (one's a barefoot country girl in flannel and denim; the other's a white-gown-clad aristocrat) caught up in a bondage vendetta!
  • The leather jacket Kayden Kross wore led this gorgeous gal to overestimate her toughness, an error Laura Lee demonstrated to Kayden with ropes and gag!
  • Cute little Ginger Lee learned that cowgirls do two things: 1) hide behind bushes spying on bad guys; 2) get tied up and gagged by those bad guys!
  • Lying gagged and speadeagled on the bed, scarlet-costumed superheroine Melissa Jacobs silently cursed the treachery of her apprentice Heather Harper! But she summoned up enough of her powers to break free and give Heather a taste of bound and gagged captivity!
  • Gia Mancini enjoyed the nostalgia of dressing up in her old cheerleader uniform; being surprised and tied up by a burglar -- not so much!

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