Battle Of The Hogtied Maids
45 Minutes

  • There's intrigue at the mansion as hot housemaids Annmarie and Samantha Ryan tangle! Annmarie has the upper hand at first when she takes her blonde rival prisoner, then hogties her on top of an antique chest of drawers! But before this catfight's over Annmarie's the gagged and hogtied struggler being fondled by smiling Samantha!
  • Exotic Edanya's a barefoot and ball-gagged sorceress standing spread-eagled and helpless courtesy of a masked evil-doer!
  • Wide-eyed nurse Isobel Wren's generous house-call ends badly with the white-uniformed heroine lying gagged and hogtied!
  • The Mancini sisters' slumber party takes an ominous turn when first Jasmine, then Gia, are gagged with red tape, then trussed with rope and left to struggle on their bed in colorful pajamas!
  • Tied cross-ankle on the floor and gagged with black cloth, harem princess Roxy DeVille struggles indignantly against her plebeian predicament!
  • Enticing even in her exercise outfit, dancer Laura Lee sits silenced and immobilized with rope on a high stool!
  • After gorgeous but inexperienced rookie cop Kayden Kross falls prey to wicked Loren Chance, superheroine White Dove (Jessica Valentino) attempts to rescue the bound and gagged Kayden but soon shares her bondage!

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