Masks And Capes, Ropes And Gags!
45 Minutes

  • A titanic battle between good and evil ensues when superheroine Amy Anderson takes on sorceress Susan Ray! Witchy Susan cackles as caped good girl Amy struggles in bondage, but curses through her gag when Amy forces her into humiliating restraint!

  • Tough chick Priscilla Milan will do anything to get her hands on happy pills -- even tying and gagging gorgeous nurse Sophia Santi!

  • Sexy soldier Holly Manning's not AWOL, she's bound and gagged in a hidden storeroom!

  • With athletic lovely Lena Shelby in her clutches, Georgia Jones is sure too win her bet on the big game!

  • After interrupting Molly Mathews' book burglary, cute maid Carly Banks spent the rest of her evening in a tight library binding!

  • Tennis hottie Alexis Taylor's tied up by a serve she can't return when she runs into scheming Karlie Montana!

  • Tristan Kingsley keeps sweet tennis bunny Erica Ellyson off the slopes by placing her in serious restraint!

  • Enticing harem girls Nikki Brooks and Samantha Ryan were big hits at the costume party before ending their evening bound and gagged!

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