Bondage Surprise For Costumed Heroines!
45 Minutes

  • Surprise, biker girl Jana Cova! You thought you could bully cute cheerleader Kara Kingman, but now Kara's laughing while you struggle in bondage!

  • Surprise, Estrella Flores! This time the cute cheerleader does get bound and gagged!

  • Surprise, gorgeous bride Samantha Ryan! Instead of enjoying your wedding, you're ball-gagged and trussed to a piece of apparatus!

  • Surprise, track star Veronique Vega! You expected to be running today but you're just a bound captive stuffed into a storage space!

  • Surprise, glamorous singer Melissa Jacobs! Your audition won't require musical skill, merely a great deal of struggling!

  • Surprise, larcenous maid Sochee Malo! Your partner in crime shows his appreciation for locating the safe by leaving you bound and gagged!

  • Surprise, superheroine Meggan Powers! Captive Sue Diamond is not what she seems -- soon you'll be in jeopardy!

  • Surprise, retro girl Erin Avery! Biker girl Ryder Skye actually is tougher than you and she'll prove it by tying you up!

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