Sandy Summers: Costume Bondage Superstar!
Blonde, adorable and bondage-prone, Sandy Summers is a performer with the range to play anything from an entangled superheroine (struggling back-to-back with super-sister Kara Lacy) to an abducted cheerleader (snugly ball-tied by hard-nosed villainess Alexis Taylor)! Sandy's surrounded by worthy colleagues: watch for Celeste Star as a plucky delivery girl whose loose fingers leads to a tight hogtie; Georgia Jones as a sweet young bride betrayed and bound by trusted maid Claire Adams; Claire herself, whose treachery backfires and leaves her ruthlessly hogtied (elbows together!); and uniformed lovelies Chantel Osmond (policewoman) and Bridget Kelly (soldier), whose captivity isn't quite what it seems to be!

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