Costume Heroines In Bondage Peril!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Not Kina Kai, that cute Christmas elf -- she was silent and wide-eyed, a bound package herself! EH (With apologies to all) Kina Kai's always irresistible, but wait until you see her as a bound and gagged Santa's helper! We believe you'll also empathize with the plight of both post-bound cheerleader Bridget Kelly and undercover policewoman Chance McKay, whose maid disguise didn't fool wicked Shay Ruskin! Trusting country singer Dee Lily didn't stand a chance with crooked manager Samantha Ryan, nor did Molly Mathews once bad-girl gamblers Andie Valentino and Daisy Marie got ahold of her! On a happier note, Chantel Osmond proved that you can tie and gag a superheroine, but you'd better not get careless! For Sabrina Rose and Sophia Taylor, costume party preparations came to a frightening halt once a heartless intruder added ropes and gags to their outfits!

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