Costume Bondage!
45 Minutes

Beautiful Girls Bound And Gagged in Captivating Costumes!

Pro cheerleader Erica Campbell thought she was auditioning for a new team but all she won was bondage restraint!  A vengeful ex-girlfriend of her groom turned Karina Santos' wedding day into nightmarish captivity! As she stealthily stalked her prey, camouflaged bad girl Samantha Ryan never  imagined that she'd be overpowered and hogtied!

Captured by the enemy, sexy sergeant Melissa Jacobs remained courageous even after she was bound and gagged! When she spotted a struggling hostage, naive super-heroine Bridget Kelly went to the rescue -- then fell into a trap set by clever criminals! Brave but reckless, rookie cop Christine Powell became the bound captive of a crook when she neglected to wait for back-up! Ruthless gambler Crystal Klein used ropes and gags to prevent Carly Banks and Celeste Star from winning a cheerleading competition!

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